About us

POMEL Sp. z o. o. is a leading manufacturer of pest control units from Poland with over 25 years of tradition. We employ over 250 workers with wide experience and good professional skills, whose level is constantly rising to meet both clients and contemporary market's needs. Since 1989, we produce Electric Fly Killers - EFK, supplying our customers at home and abroad. We are constantly expanding our offer trying to fully satisfy our customers. Our company is work base on ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards.

Our wide range of devices for insect control ensures to satisfy the needs of every customer..

We offer different light traps to protect both industrial and food-related areas including: storage, processing and consumption. All UV-A tubes used in our units are shatterproffed - coated against pollution with shards of glass

Our advantages:

High quality and confidence in our products manufactured in Poland/Europe, full service , full availability of consumables, spare parts and accessories. We are open for a customer design and offer customer logo-types for our units at reasonable quantity.

For demanding customers, in areas with high humidity or dust, we offer a trap a higher degree of protection of IP44 , IP 65 and EX version. All our units comply CE standards, safety certificates and fulfill actual requirements of food quality control systems HACCP.

Looking forward to cooperate with new distributors, wholesalers, stores and retailers. We encourage you to contact us!